Mitigating AI Risk in Banking (BFSI)

Ensure your AI program is reliable, explainable and prepared
for the inevitable audit.


Enterprise companies that will
experience an audit

$ 1MM

Average cost of an
AI Audit

$ 1K

Cost to Avoid an
AI Audit
Success case for BFSI

How Data Driven ModelOps Underpins Enterprise AI Success

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Learn How Datatron Benefits Enterprise BFSI Brands

Prepare for an Audit

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Mitigate Risk & Satisfy
Compliance Requirements

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Maximize Profitability

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John Smith

Group Head, Operations and Technology, HDFC Bank

Your AI Program Deserves Liberation.
Datatron is the Answer.

See what major Enterprise Brands have already discovered about
Datatron’s production-proven, Enterprise-grade AI Platform.


Datatron 3.0 Product Release – Enterprise Feature Enhancements

Streamlined features that improve operational workflows, enforce enterprise-grade security, and simplify troubleshooting.

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Datatron 3.0 Product Release – Simplified Kubernetes Management

Eliminate the complexities of Kubernetes management and deploy new virtual private cloud environments in just a few clicks.

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Datatron 3.0 Product Release – JupyterHub Integration

Datatron continues to lead the way with simplifying data scientist workflows and delivering value from AI/ML with the new JupyterHub integration as part of the “Datatron 3.0” product release.

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Success Story: Global Bank Monitors 1,000’s of Models On Datatron

A top global bank was looking for an AI Governance platform and discovered so much more. With Datatron, executives can now easily monitor the “Health” of thousands of models, data scientists decreased the time required to identify issues with models and uncover the root cause by 65%, and each BU decreased their audit reporting time by 65%.

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Success Story: Domino’s 10x Model Deployment Velocity

Domino’s was looking for an AI Governance platform and discovered so much more. With Datatron, Domino’s accelerated model deployment 10x, and achieved 80% more risk-free model deployments, all while giving executives a global view of models and helping them to understand the KPI metrics achieved to increase ROI.

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5 Reasons Your AI/ML Models are Stuck in the Lab

AI/ML Executive need more ROI from AI/ML? Data Scientist want to get more models into production? ML DevOps Engineer/IT want an easier way to manage multiple models. Learn how enterprises with mature AI/ML programs overcome obstacles to operationalize more models with greater ease and less manpower.

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