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Datatron Offers 5 Golden Tickets for
AI/ML Success

Get Your Model in Production in Two Weeks

AI/ML have brought about great benefits for companies that have successfully deployed models into production. Whether it is improvement in gaining new business, new product discovery, or productivity gains the benefits are significant.

However, not everyone can be successful with AI/ML.

In fact, most businesses today that invested heavily in AI/ML still have not achieved the promised benefits that AI/ML was supposed to usher in. Many are saying AI/ML is all hype, it’s too expensive – there’s a lot of buyers’ remorse in investing in AI/ML.

Get Your Model in Production in Two Weeks

However, just like Formula 1 racing, you can have the fastest car, but without an expert crew who can support the car and the driver, you will never win.

This is where Datatron comes in.

We are the expert crew who can help your data scientists, software engineering team, and your business get the promise out of AI/ML.

Because of our success in helping businesses deploy AI/ML, we want to help you get the most out of AI/ML through a major offering. We are going to help five (5) businesses deploy AI/ML into PRODUCTION in less than two weeks!!!

We also want to debunk many of the “fake it till you make it” AI/ML companies out there that are charging millions of dollars in fees without delivering true value. We are just as sick as you are and we want to show that there’s a reasonable path to get your AI/ML out and running in production with proper governance rapidly.

Since we are going to commit a lot of resources to get your AI/ML going, we are only entertaining companies who are serious about their AI/ML initiatives and are committed to getting real results. If you are selected to be one of the five companies, you will receive:

  • Top tips to generating revenue and profit with AI/ML
  • Dedicated Datatron and industry expertise to integrate toolsets in the enterprise
  • An on-premises or cloud instance delivering one model into production in two weeks *
  • Industry-leading MLOps, governance and operationalization functionalities
  • Best practices to monitor and govern AI models for performance and compliance

Get Your Model in Production in Two Weeks