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MLOps Best Practices: “Hybrid” MLOps

How to Strengthen Your Homegrown MLOps with Composable Solutions

Companies like Uber and Instacart built their Version 1.0 MLOps in-house on OSS, but soon discovered it was monolithic and required refactoring for new models & use cases.

For Version 2.0 they re-tooled for flexibility and implemented a “hybrid” MLOps solution hardening critical functions with commercial point-solutions.

Similarly, you’ve built your Ver. 1.0 MLOps on Open Source (OSS) or daisy chaining “Big Cloud” services – it’s functional, but it’s not perfect.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through the most common journeys for homegrown OSS or Big Cloud MLOps, gaps, compromises, and solutions to strengthen them without starting over.


MLOPs Best Practices - "Hybrid" - Thurs. Nov. 3rd, 11 am PT/2 pm ET

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