Datatron Offers Accelerated AI Model Deployment and AI Governance Program

Contest Offers Five “Golden Tickets” to Deploy and Govern an AI Model in Under Two Weeks

SAN FRANCISCOJan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To kickstart 2022, Datatron is offering five companies the chance to take part in a hyper-accelerated program that guarantees their AI models will be deployed or governed in less than two weeks, the company announced today.

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The biggest problem in companies adopting AI is the lack of expertise to tackle the complexity of the machine learning development lifecycle. It’s common to hear even the largest enterprises take nine to 12 months to deploy an AI model once the data scientists have completed their models. According to IDC, an estimated 28% of AI/ML projects fail, in part due to lack of staff with the necessary experience.

Furthermore, having a black-box AI running in production and making decisions that are hard to comprehend elicits fears and concerns on whether these AI models could make judgements that would have negative consequences for the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises need proper monitoring and governance to not only ensure the AI models are performing as intended, but also to gain trust in the effectiveness of AI initiatives.

This contest removes these roadblocks to AI success, and leverages the expertise of Datatron founder and CEO, Harish Doddi. As an early AI/ML pioneer, he worked on Snapchat’s highly profitable “stories” and Lyft’s “surge” model to use a proven playbook to profitability and deliver return-on-investment from AI/ML.

The five selected companies will receive:

  • Top tips for generating revenue and profit with AI/ML
  • Dedicated Datatron and industry expertise to integrate toolsets in the enterprise
  • An on-premises or cloud instance delivering one model into production in seven days
  • Industry-leading MLOps, governance and operationalization functionalities
  • Best practices to monitor and govern AI models for performance and compliance

To apply, companies must complete a brief questionnaire by midnight, Jan. 31, 2022 to gauge fit, contingencies and commitment. Winners will be awarded by Feb. 15, 2022. Those interested should apply at:

Harish Doddi, CEO, Datatron, said: “We want to show once and for all how our solution, tested and proven by a Super Bowl sponsor, stands head and shoulders above any other MLOps solution in the market. Over the years, there have been a lot of solutions and tools in the marketplace that do not offer real business benefits. We are taking a stance to cut out a lot of the noise and confusion that prevents most companies from being successful with AI.”

About Datatron
Datatron provides an enterprise-grade, cloud-native Reliable AI™ platform that enables businesses to easily, accurately and rapidly operationalize AI and ML models in production. Its centralized AI ModelOps and Model Governance platform helps organizations in diverse global environments streamline and standardize changes, monitor model performance, and correct for model degradation or decay. Industry leaders such as Domino’s Pizza and Comcast rely on Datatron to operationalize and govern AI solutions at scale, producing predictable, rapid and reliable business outcomes. Founded in 2016, Datatron is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter @datatron.

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